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Laurie Berkner

Rocketship Run - CD

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Rocketship Run is a collection of 20 new songs and the highly anticipated follow-up to her chart-topping DVD from 2006 We Are...The Laurie Berkner Band. Features new original songs written by Berkner, and her first-ever collaborations with bandmates Susie Lampert and Adam Bernstein!

1. Rocketship Run
2. Going on a Hunt (Ska)
3. Mouse in my Toolbox
4. Candy Cane Jane
5. All Around my Room
6. One More Stop on the Train
7. Going on a Hunt
8. Jump and Fly
9. Pigbasket
10. Five Days Old
11. Mr. Bassman (and Piano Girl)
12. Winter Lullaby
13. Let's Samba
14. Going on a Hunt (conga)
15. My Blue Sailboat
16. Balance Beam
17. Thunderstorm
18. Fast and Slow (The Rabbit and the Turtle)
19. Going on a Hunt
20. Farm Song (That's What I Did on the Farm)
21. Nona
22. Walk Along the River
23. Going on a Hunt (hand jive)
24. Fly Me To The Moo