Superhero - CD

Superhero - CD

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Jam-packed with wonderful new Laurie Berkner songs, SUPERHERO is the album Laurie’s fans have been waiting for! It’s been eight years since beloved children’s recording artist and preschool television favorite Laurie Berkner has released an album comprised entirely of all-new, original songs. Laurie wrote SUPERHERO thinking about many things that she found fun as a kid, from bicycles to tea parties to fireworks.

The album, intended for audiences ages 1-7, features 21 songs plus 2 bonus tracks that range from quiet, a cappella fingerplays to get-up-and-dance full-band anthems. SUPERHERO explores a range of musical styles, including 60’s pop, rootsy rock, lullabies, reggae, Latin, and more! Guest artists include Ziggy Marley singing a duet with Laurie on the song “My My Marisol”, musical yogini, Kira Willey on “Swing Me” and Brady Rymer on “Opelika Alabama”.

The Laurie Berkner Band is: Laurie Berkner (guitar, lead vocals), Susie Lampert (keyboards), Bobby Golden (percussion), and Brady Rymer (bass)

Track Lists

1. Superhero
2. Tallulah Jones
3. Bicycle
4. My My Marisol (feat. Ziggy Marley)
5. This Is How I Do It
6. I've Got So Much To Give
7. Bubbles
8. Tea Party
9. When I Woke Up Today
10. Umbrella
11. Face To Face
12. Opelika Alabama (feat. Brady Rymer)
13. Juniper Square
14. Pajama Time!
15. Swing Me (feat. Kira Willey)
16. Elephant In There
17. Fireworks
18. The Music In Me
19. In and Out (Take a Trip)
20. 1-2 Hands
21. Yes!

Bonus Tracks
22. Pool Safely
23. We Are The Dinosaurs (Dance Remix)