Let's Go! - CD 2 Pack (Pre-Order)

Let's Go! - CD 2 Pack (Pre-Order)

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What's better than one? One for you and one for a friend!

Laurie Berkner's 14th album, Let’s Go! is an inspiring array of original, interactive songs in Laurie's signature style, famous for its clarity, warmth, and wisdom. Created during COVID-19 lockdown, Let's Go! is full of songs that help kids step bravely into the unknown without forgetting to love who they are in the here-and-now.



  1. Let's Go!
  2. When It's Cold
  3. What Am I Gonna Be (for Halloween)
  4. The Superhero Handwashing Song
  5. I Saw A Butterfly
  6. I'm On Vacation
  7. Time To Eat
  8. Listen To The Sounds
  9. Its Hard To Be 3
  10. Jumping Jack
  11. Take A Look At My Face
  12. Tied My Shoes
  13. One Step
  14. Happy New Year
  15. Beautiful Light
  16. The Superhero Mask Song